IRC-601 - Martin Atkins’ China Dub Soundsystem “Made In China” CD
Recorded in Beijing in October 2006, Martin Atkins (PiL, Killing Joke, Pigface) has enlisted traditional Chinese musicians and Tibetan singers, combined with dub and beat manipulations, along with scratch DJs, and a who’s who of the amazing underground Beijing music scene. Includes a 16-page color booklet.

Track Listing:
1. Radio China
2. Mostly Hulusi
3. Tibetans vs. Dirty Girl
4. China MC Brothers vs. Martin Atkins
5. Yellow Cab
6. Beijing Taxi
7. Fortune Cookie
8. Pink 7 - Determining The Dose
9. DJ Wordy vs. Martin Atkins
10. Re:Load - The Return of the Notorious China MC Brothers vs. Martin Atkins
11. Hand Drum


Drummer for artists like MINISTRY and PIGFACE creates an experimental combination of asian influence, rock, hip-hop turntablism, and a little bit of dub. It's recommended for fans of his previous bands, but realistically, you haven't heard anything like this before! - CJAM Music Review

Made in China blends indigenous, Chinese instrumentation with contemporary approaches and tools. And it does it brilliantly. The album is as much about the mandolin as it is about the guitar. It is as much about the pipa as it is about the DJ scratch, it is as much the hulusi as it is the drum kit. The collaborative approach and an experimental spirit essentially make this a Chinese Pigface album. And, like the majority of Pigface releases, Made in China is engaging, challenging, and essential. - Review