IRC-600 - Various Artists “Look Directly Into The Sun: China Pop 2007” CD
When Martin Atkins visited Beijing in the fall of 2006 to check out the underground music scene, he found a culture of bands that reminded him of his time in London in the late 70s, and of early 80s NYC. This compilation includes 18 Beijing bands, from punk to avant-guard, noise and new wave... a unique snapshot of this emerging scene.

Track Listing:
1. Snapline - Close Your Cold Eyes
2. China MC Brothers - Jaijung
3. Caffe-In - Mario and Peaches
4. PK-14 - Storm Eyes
5. China Dub Soundsystem - Pink 09 - Determining the Dose
6. Joyside - Dang
7. Tookoo - Take Me Home
8. The Subs - What More
9. Hang on the Box - Shanghai
10. White - Song 5
11. Ruins - Love of Sun
12. The Scoff - Nasty
13. Demerit - Fight Your Apathy
14. Queen Sea Big Shark - Hold the Line
15. Honey Gun - Light
16. Voodoo KungFu - Chian
17. Car Sick Cars - Panda
18. Rococo - We Just Free


There are no politics here, and not even a hint of small world irony. These 18 bands are shuffled and dealt like an eager teenager’s latest and greatest mix tape, and the naïve enthusiasm is infectious. - Missoula Independent Review

"Look Directly Into the Sun" makes me wonder if a Chinese Invasion is imminent. - Chicago Reader