News 08.07.2008

"Made in China blends indigenous, Chinese instrumentation with contemporary approaches and tools. And it does it brilliantly. The album is as much about the mandolin as it is about the guitar. It is as much about the pipa as it is about the DJ scratch, it is as much the hulusi as it is the drum kit. The collaborative approach and an experimental spirit essentially make this a Chinese Pigface album. And, like the majority of Pigface releases, Made in China is engaging, challenging, and essential." - Review

Both the compilation "Look Directly Into The Sun: China Pop 2007" and Martin Atkins' "China Dub Soundsystem" album are out now, in stores, on-line, and on iTunes. Released on the Invisible China imprint (a collaboration between Invisible Records and Bloodshot Records), these album represent the first wave of material from Martin's trip to Beijing in fall of 2006.

Martin's documentary "Sixteen Days In China" is now out through MVD... the film captures Martin's trip to Beijing, including live and studio performances from the bands and the recording of the China Dub Soundsystem album.

Stay tuned...